Meet Our Doctors

Meet Dr. Zeoli

Dr. David Zeoli Naturopath Charlottesville

Dr. Zeoli graduated from the five year dual-degree program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.  He is a board certified naturopathic physician and holds licenses in Washington and Connecticut.  He is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Virginia.  Since 1999 he has studied with many teachers.  In particular, he was trained by Jonathan Wright MD, a leading integrative physician in Washington State, in the proper use of nutritional medicine as well as the proper use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He is originally from Boston, though he has spent years traveling the world.  Most recently, he had lived in Shanghai, China for two years where he practiced naturopathy and integrative medicine at an American run hospital.  He has relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife.

Dr. Zeoli combines natural healthcare with general medicine to achieve the best possible outcome through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.  Combining both types of care allows for the safest and least invasive solutions in a safe medical setting. Dr. Zeoli relies on state-of-the-art laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging to evaluate risk factors for disease, diagnose acute illness, check for allergies, hormone levels, toxic metals, digestive and immune function, and inflammation. He also has a special interest in treating conditions that have not responded favorably to conventional therapies.

Dr. Zeoli has teamed up with Dr. Campa for the Prevention of Cognitive Decline program by contributing a multisystem evaluation and therapeutic plan.  Through a collaborative effort, all risk factors are considered along with nutritional modification, avoidance of toxins, and the creation of a corrective plan employing traditional and natural medicine approaches.  The doctors will work closely with referring physicians to use all existing lab data and to communicate plans for preventive strategies.

Meet Dr. Campa

Dr. Justiniano F. Campa, MD Neurology Charlottesville

Dr. Justiniano F. Campa, MD PhD, a former Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Virginia (UVA) trained in Neurology and Neuropathology at UVA (1963-1968) and in Neuromuscular Research at the University of Copenhagen (EMG 1965) and at NIH, Bethesda (Muscle pathology: 1968-1970). Afterward, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Neurology (1970) and Director of the EMG and Muscle Biopsy Laboratories of the University of Virginia Medical Center.  In 1976 Dr. Campa was granted Tenure and promoted to Associate Professor of Neurology.

After nine years in the UVA Neurology Faculty, Dr. Campa decided to expand his practice from the Neuro muscular sub-specialty to General Clinical Neurology complemented with Brain CT&MRI. To accomplish this, in September 1979, he started an independent Neurology Private Practice in Charlottesville affiliated with Martha Jefferson Hospital and became Certified in Brain CT/MRI by the American Society of Neuroimaging

Dr. Campa remained in private practice for another 30 years, building a General Neurology Practice in the Charlottesville’s community, attending to children as well as adults, consulting on hospital inpatients and providing diagnostic neurology services in Muscle Biopsies, EEG/ EMG and CT/ MRI of the Brain & Spine.  Dr. Campa is Certified by the Boards of Neurology, Electro-Diagnostic Medicine and the Society of Neuro-imaging. In the spring of 2009, Dr. Campa retired after 39 years of professional life and 49 years after graduating from his Medical School at the University of Madrid, Spain

Dr. Campa publications in Nature & Science (1970) include his original research on the “Histochemistry of energy metabolism in spinal motor neurons” that led to his doctoral thesis at NIH and his PhD from the University of Madrid, Spain. Clinical research on the treatment of Myasthenia Gravis with steroids were published in Neurology 1972, with his neurology colleagues at the University of Virginia; he also wrote a chapter on “Diseases of the Motor Unit” published in Toole’s New Concepts in Neurology and have several other clinical publications on the field of Muscle & Nerve, his sub-specialty while on the UVA Faculty. Dr. Campa also wrote lay person oriented chapters in “Head & Face Pain”, “Neck & arm pain”, ”Seizures” and “Strokes”, excerpts of which are presented here joining his Blog page of “Exercise for Seniors” “Best exercises for Parkinson patients”, “Upright posture and proprioception” and others letters.

After retirement, Dr. Campa designed and produced the lathing and finishing of a neurologist inspired walking aid, the Tiger maple walking stick which has currently sold more than 2000 units worldwide. Testimonials from patients with neurological and orthopedics conditions are presented in this web site or in link with

Dr. Campa, in retirement, has continued to provide neurology second opinions and MRI reviews in patients referred by his friends and colleagues. It is his satisfaction with this informal endeavor that has motivated this offer of this “online neurology practice with international and bilingual extensions”.  

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How Naturopathic medicine is uniquely capable of transforming your health and life

How Naturopathic medicine is uniquely capable of transforming your health and life.

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The intimate connection between your emotions, beliefs, and health challenges.

How our unique approach can help your specific health issues

How our unique approach can help your specific health issues.