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A NEW SERVICE in INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE at the Phydos Clinic of Charlottesville Virginia

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Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Todays’ neurologists recognize that Alzheimer related conditions (AD) begin many years before the first symptoms of memory loss, and that AD is a heterogeneous condition where single domain interventions do not work. Multidomain interventions and simultaneous management of various risk factors based on nutrition and lifestyle changes, pharmacological treatment and natural remedies may be needed for optimal preventative effects. Given the long silent history of the disease, the earlier a treatment starts the greater chance of prevention, later interventions may be limited by brain losses or impeded by non-compliance.

At the Phydos Clinic, Dr. Justiniano Campa, Senior Neurologist and Dr. David Zeoli, Naturopathic Physician, have teamed up to offer our community an Integrative Service for Prevention of Cognitive Decline by first providing a neurological and MRI assessment in differential diagnoses, prognosis and staging of decline as well as a review of sleep and exercise patterns. Dr. Zeoli will follow with a multisystem evaluation to identify all the potential risk factors to be addressed and corrected with nutritional and lifestyle changes, medications as well as supplements. Dr. Zeoli’s training and experience with natural remedies are welcomed assets to our prevention therapies. Periodic follow up, by both doctors separately, will assess treatment compliance and tolerance as well as the status of cognitive functions.

Given our focus on prevention, not treatment, our patients are likely to be 65 to 80 years old, centered on the diagnosis of MCI (mild cognitive impairment) including pre-MCI (normal but concerned individuals) and post-MCI, “early AD” patients. More advanced stages of AD are not excluded but should be pre-reviewed with us to assess expectations as well as compliance with a demanding prevention plan. We will not exclude patients already started on standard AD drugs but, in conjunction with us, we will leave their maintenance to the doctors who prescribed them. Lastly, we will consider the cognitive declines that may accompany the Parkinsonian syndromes, provided that they are separately treated by other neurologists with the dopaminergic drugs they will require.

We have a clinic coordinator to answer questions, set up appointments and help with the collection of reports of previous blood work and MRIs to avoid repetitions and reduce costs. Appropriate guidance and pertinent questionnaires will be found on our site, where you can also view our biographies, office address, and contact information including Dr. Campa’s cell phone.

We are independent medical providers who have opted out of coverage by medical insurances but we will interact with your care as well as that of other neurologists and radiologists for a cost efficient and hopefully beneficial care for this much concerned senior population.


Justiniano Campa MD, Neurologist

For the neurological and MRI assessments of diagnosis and prognosis as a first or as a second opinion.

David Zeoli ND, Naturopathic Physician

For the multidomain search of potential risk factors (see Dr. Zeoli’s protocol) based on analysis of recent and supplemented lab data and for the optimization of the affected systems with nutritional, life style counseling and with traditional as well as natural remedies.

Elizabeth Liebermann, Clinic Coordinator

To interact with patients and referring physicians in the exchange of contact and medical information. To answer patients ‘questions and arrange appointments. (See contact info below)

Location and Contact

Phydos Clinic
1011 East Jefferson Street, Suite 204
Charlottesville VA, 22902

Ph. 434-244-2992

Appointments Process

Send fax to Clinic with request for appointment providing contact phone for patient or medical office.

Contact Elizabeth by email or phone. She will return all contacts. Expect to provide a copy of recent brain MRI and of complete blood work

Dr. Campa will see patients every Wednesday

Dr. Zeoli, Monday through Friday / cell 703-599-1233 / H 434-286-3535

Additional contact: Justo Campa / cell 249-0373 /

First appointment date: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Exercise & Stretching Instructions from Dr. Campa

Home Exercises for Seniors

Stretching and Warming Up Muscles

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