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Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Todays’ neurologists recognize that Alzheimer related conditions (AD) begin many years before the first symptoms of memory loss and that AD is a heterogeneous condition where single domain interventions have not worked. Multidomain interventions and simultaneous management of various risk factors based on nutrition and lifestyle changes accompanied by treatment with natural remedies may be better for prevention of AD. Leading neurologists in AD prevention are Dr. Richard Isaacson (Cornell) and Dr. Dale Bredesen (UCLA). Their preventative approach and natural remedies coincide with the interest and expertise of physicians graduated from US Naturopathic Schools. Naturopathic doctors are qualified and eager to contribute to that prevention.

At the Phydos Clinic, Dr. David Zeoli, a Naturopathic Graduate from the National College of Portland and Dr. Justiniano Campa, Senior Neurologist, have teamed up to offer our community an Integrative Service for Prevention of Cognitive Decline. Dr. Zeoli will lead the effort with a multi-system evaluation to identify potential risk factors to address with nutritional changes, life style changes, selected natural supplements or a combination of the three. Dr. Campa will provide an advisory consultant role to Dr. Zeoli during the course of the prevention regimen.

Given the long silent history of the AD, the earlier the start of the prevention the greater the chance of success. Prevention in the most common sporadic AD is applicable to at least three general categories: 1) concerned but asymptomatic people after 65 with or without family history, 2) patients diagnosed with early MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and, 3) patients with an established dementia (AD and Parkinson types) could still benefit by slowing the cognitive decline.

We will accept both doctor and self-referrals in all the above three categories. Neither a neurology second consultation nor an MRI is required to enter our prevention program. We will review all medical records and lab results provided to us before suggesting supplementary lab tests, otherwise available at our clinic at discounted cost. Dr. Zeoli expertise with natural supplements is added guarantee of quality of care.
We will interact with your doctors and neurologists for a cost efficient and well-rounded regimen of care for this very concerning condition in order to provide the best outcome possible.


Justiniano Campa MD, Neurologist

For the neurological and MRI assessments of diagnosis and prognosis as a first or as a second opinion.

David Zeoli ND, Naturopathic Physician

For the multidomain search of potential risk factors (see Dr. Zeoli’s protocol) based on analysis of recent and supplemented lab data and for the optimization of the affected systems with nutritional, life style counseling and with traditional as well as natural remedies.

Location and Contact

Phydos Clinic
1011 East Jefferson Street, Suite 204
Charlottesville VA, 22902

Ph. 434-244-2992

Appointments Process

Send fax to Clinic with request for appointment providing contact phone for patient or medical office.

Contact us by email or phone. We will return all contacts. Expect to provide a copy of recent brain MRI and of complete blood work


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